The People Activation Blueprint 

Are you struggling to get traction on your onboarding and HR programs right now?

We’ve spent the past several years interviewing thousands of employees, speaking with HR thought leaders, and studying alongside behavioral scientists to uncover the science of influence, persuasion, and motivation- all to help unleash the program's full potential.

The People Activation Blueprint Bookcover


  • The four components you need in play at the same time for your people to participate in your initiatives
  • Why well-timed Nudges are the #1 thing to drive real action and behavior change on your HR programs.
  • Statistics and practical examples designed to help you start boosting your engagement today

Welcome to the future of work

It may have taken a global pandemic, but employees around the world are suddenly embracing a more flexible work environment.

Which is great for employees, but it makes employee onboarding significantly more challenging.

Use our checklist to ensure your new hires are receiving a consistent onboarding experience – whether they're in the office full time, permanently remote, or a combination of both.