Beyond Onboarding

How Scentre Group Re-Engineered Parental Leave




Beyond Onboarding: How Scentre Group Re-Engineered Parental Leave

No one ever said being a parent was easy. In fact, our latest research found employees rate it:

  • The #1 most challenging moment
  • The moment they feel most vulnerable
  • The moment where extra support would have the greatest impact and mean the most
  • The #1 moment they remember the most


So why do only 19% of employees feel supported by their organization during parental leave?

We can do better.

This is your big opportunity to improve EX and win one of the most defining moments in your employees' lives. 

We've convinced the team at Scentre Group to show us how they revolutionised their onboarding, building it from the ground up – and share all the lessons they've learned along the way. 

What You'll Learn


Why parental leave is a priority for Scentre Group (and should be one of yours!)


How they use segments and personalisation to enhance the journey


The common pitfalls and what they'd do differently


How they mapped out their dream parental leave program


How they integrated Enboarder with their HRIS


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