Expectations vs Reality

Why you can't nail Employee Experience without Parental Leave


Expectations vs Reality: Why you can't nail Employee Experience without Parental Leave


No one ever said being a parent was easy. In fact, our latest research found employees rate it:

  • The #1 most challenging moment
  • The moment they feel most vulnerable
  • The moment where extra support would have the greatest impact and mean the most
  • The #1 moment they remember the most


So why do only 19% of employees feel supported by their organization during parental leave?

We can do better.

This is your big opportunity to improve EX and win one of the most defining moments in your employees' lives. 

We've teamed up with the experts from Circle In and Workplace Edit to show you how.

What You'll Learn


The synergy between parental leave and EX - why you can't have one without the other


The common pitfalls organizations make with parental leave and how to avoid them


How to maintain human connection and engagement during parental leave


What the future of work and family looks like – and how to prepare for it now


Parental leave best practice and how to implement it in your organization


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