Experience-Driven Hybrid Onboarding Template

Steal our template to design the best virtual onboarding experience!


Hybrid Onboarding Template

Use This Template To:

  • Craft a full, experience-driven hybrid onboarding journey from -28 days to +90 days
  • Seamlessly cover the 4C’s of onboarding - Clarification, Compliance, Culture and Connection
  • Drive new hire excitement and engagement whether they're in the office, in a remote environment or a mix of both
  • Wrap every element of the onboarding journey in experience

Welcome to the future of work

It may have taken a global pandemic, but employees around the world are suddenly embracing a more flexible work environment.

Which is great for employees, but it makes employee onboarding significantly more challenging.

Use our checklist to ensure your new hires are receiving a consistent onboarding experience – whether they're in the office full time, permanently remote, or a combination of both.