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Canva (and hundreds of other leading companies) use Enboarder to enable their experience-driven onboarding, mentoring and employee transition programs.

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Introducing Enboarder

Ever read stories about new hire onboarding that absolutely blew you away? Odds are, those onboarding experiences were built with Enboarder.

Basically, we want to turn you, and your managers, into onboarding superheroes. Cape and mask optional.

So what can you do with Enboarder?

Enboarder makes it easy for even the most time-poor and grumpy business managers to deliver consistently amazing onboarding experiences for new hires.

We also integrate with your existing HRIS systems, so you get the best of both worlds.

🎨 Design beautiful communications

Using our simple timeline approach, complete with a handy drag-and-drop editor, you can craft truly engaging communications with new hires. No need to be a tech whizz or design genius!

🤸Personalise at scale

For best results, onboarding experiences should be tweaked according to the job role, location, or division. With Enboarder's deceptively simple but powerful system, you can easily deliver consistent and personalised onboarding experiences.

🎯 Simplify

Truly paperless onboarding is no longer a dream. Enboarder can also help automate onboarding workflows, send reminders, and escalate tasks when necessary. Let Enboarder take care of the drudgery, so you can focus on the people!

"Enboarder lets our great new recruits know that we're thinking about them before they even start. Aside from the amazing employee experience, the fundamental awesomeness of Enboarder is how easy it is to use for everyone involved. Everyone in the HR industry needs to know about Enboarder!"  

- Yu-Ann Chen – Head of People and Culture @ Live Hire

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