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The Great Experience-Driven Onboarding Journey:
How Canva is Creating the Best Place to Work


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How did Canva create the best place to work?

Canva placed #1 in the 2018 Best Places to Work Study, and for good reason: it has an engagement-driven culture that has talent clamouring to get in its doors, and sees a global workforce that is dedicated and connected with its mission.

As we’ll learn in this webinar, Canva’s dedication to employee engagement and the employee experience is a part of its DNA, and this is true for the onboarding process as well. We explore how Canva approaches the onboarding of new hires, from the pre-boarding stages, the first day, and throughout the first few months.

Key takeaways:

  • The tools and processes Canva uses to excite and engage every new hire and get them ready for an outstanding Day One
  • How they balance the day-to-day duties of their team with the need to maintain culture and engagement
  • How they maintain engagement well beyond the first few months